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FKP Scorpio Entertainment (FKPE) is the award-winning exhibition, family entertainment, comedy & spoken word division of successful international concert and festival promoter, FKP Scorpio.

Headquartered in London, the international operation is led by James Cassidy and Barry Campbell, who launched FKP Scorpio UK in 2018, delivering a range of highly successful experiences such as BBC Studios Blue Planet II Live In Concert arena tour.   

FKPE was formed in 2022 to focus primarily on exhibitions, family events and special projects, and its first project, in partnership with the Luna Entertainment Group, was the 2023 award-winning Jurassic World: The Exhibition, selling 314,000 tickets in just over four months. The exhibition took place at the London ExCeL centre, a venue which is now considered one of London’s leading immersive destinations and working in partnership with the ExCeL team, FKPE have secured an exclusive tenancy deal to 2027 and look forward to presenting major IP exhibitions and events in years to come. 

The FKPE mantra is to work with the best venues and best teams that share a like-minded vision for success. In the UK, FKPE have teamed up with George Wood and his Luna Entertainment group who bring an unrivalled level of expertise in production and operations support. FKPE are committed to delivering the very best venues, locations, marketing, promotion and campaign management for our partners. We aim to build and maintain strategic vision and campaign management systems which deliver the best results across the wider European markets. Nordic Exhibitions, based in Norrkoping will now be part of the FKP Scorpio Group and renamed FKP Scorpio Entertainment Nordic.

Meet the team

Folkert Koopmans

CEO / Founder

James Cassidy

President / Director

Barry Campbell

Senior Promotor / Director

Ollie Catchpole

Head of Comedy & Spoken Word

Nathan Birch

Head of Ticketing

Neeshat Wadud

Head of Marketing

Suzy Bryant

Senior Marketing Consultant

Daisy Parry

Special Projects Coordinator