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Max Fosh: Loophole Live European Tour

Germany: Multiple cities across November 2024 

Tickets Germany


Amsterdam: 26.11.2024

Tickets Amsterdam


Helsinki: 29.11.2024

Tickets Helsinki


Oslo: 01.12.2024

Tickets Oslo


Stockholm: 02.12.2024

Tickets Stockholm


Copenhagen: 04.12.2024

Tickets Copenhagen


I was told to write something to market my new show Loophole, but to be honest, I don’t think you’re going to decide whether to buy a ticket or not based on this half-arsed collection of words. So, really, all I need to do is reach the required 100 words. That’s 50 so far. Nearly there. Ooooh, what about my favourite fact: did you know that when you swallow a spider, it can taste your dreams? Really? No, of course not. But it used up some words. 10 more left. Loophole. Loophole. Loophole. Loophole. Loophole. Loophole.